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In 2008, we sowed the seeds for a startup real estate company called Metro Property Group. Formed by lifelong Detroiters with a true passion for the City, MPG was built with the vision of stabilizing our neighborhoods while creating a truly dynamic organization. Driving through the streets of Northwest Detroit in 2008 was quite an eye opening experience; gorgeous brick properties shuttered and left to deteriorate. The market was depressed, once glowing neighborhoods were starting to see signs of blight for the first time. But if you looked hard enough, and with a little entrepreneurial spirit, you could see huge opportunity.

Today the streets of East English Village, Marygrove, and Bagley are buzzing with new activity, in stark contrast to the scene just a few years ago. Property values are the highest they have been in over 3 years, and once abandoned properties are fully rehabbed and occupied by new homeowners and tenants who have moved back into the City. Metro Property Group is proud to have a hand in this neighborhood renaissance. The company has brought in over $75 mil in investment into Detroit’s neighborhoods in just 4 years.

As of April 2014, MPG and its affiliates have acquired over 1700 single family and multi-family properties in Detroit. The company continues to provide first class property management to the vast majority of these homes. In the past 3 years, MPG has refurbished and sold 873 single and multi family homes within a 15 square mile targeted area of Detroit. The combined sales prices of those properties is approximately $69.1 million.

Sameer Beydoun is the founder and CEO of MPG. Born and raised in Detroit, he is committed to the rebirth of the city through neighborhood stabilization and revitalization.

No Bank Financing, No Gov Grants, No Tax Breaks. All figures are as of April 2014.

Property Sales

Management Status # of Properties Sales Prices to Investors
Management Properties 611 $56,226,944.46
Transferred Management 262 $12,878,844.72
Total: 873 $69,105,789

Properties Acquired & Currently Held with JV Partners


Properties Rehabbed & Currently Held with JV Partners


MPG’s Total Contribution To Detroit's Neighborhoods


Payroll Cost Property Acquisition Cost
$3,905,940 $18,714,220
Contracted Labor Rehab Cost
$7,257,304 $13,333,285
Property Taxes Landscaping Cost
$4,140,000 $274,542
Property Security Professional Fees
$1,914,912 $1,010,703

Track Record of New Rehabs and New Occupants For 2012-2013

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2012 23 29 21 24 26 21 26 25 27 32 22 27 303
2013 24 18 19 36 26 29 27 36 31 23 22 22 313

Properties Newly Occupied

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2012 15 19 22 25 18 21 19 53 25 35 20 28 300
2013 21 26 34 32 34 27 26 39 24 23 25 26 337

Track Record of Providing Employment and Increasing Residency

The number of tenants currently living in homes that Metro has rehabbed and/or currently manages is approximately 765. With an average family size of 4 members, this translates to roughly 3,000 total residents of Detroit, occupying homes which were previously uninhabitable.

Metro currently employs 22 minority general contractors (140 total workers among them). This represents approximately 85% of our total construction workforce.  Of the 422 unrenovated properties still on Metro’s balance sheet, we have secured rehab financing for at least 175. We estimate that this will create sustainable employment for an additional 100 construction workers for at least 1-2 years.

Metro’s Benchmark EB-5 Methodology for Job Creation Analysis: MPG has chosen 24 jobs per $1 million dollars ($1M) of construction value to calculate the estimated number of direct, indirect and induced jobs created or saved.*


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